Tuesday, 19 July 2011

LANCOME ! What's In Store

Pagi2 lagi dh bukak FB..tup2 LANCOME post produk2 baru mereka yang terkini..LANCOME is my favourite beauty brand..dulu pernah dpt sample foundation..absolutely awesome..bila apply kat skin mmg skin tone jadi rata and x bercampuk..kalu x silap tahun lepas pernah ke KLCC ngan adik ipar..kebetulan LANCOME bukak booth..they offered free makeover for their new products..saya try lipstick jek tp adik ipar try foundation and mascara..bila dh di makeover mmg cantik la..skin tone sekata jek..kelemahan kat muka pun x nmpak.

And yesterday i got message from LANCOME..the message sounds "This is a limited complimentary eye makeover courtesy of Lancome. It is only valid at Parkson Pavilion Center Court, Level 2 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Once you have received your complimentary Lancome eye makeover, you will also receive an instant 4R size photo. This promotion is valid from 18th to 24th July, 2011"..so guys, if you're LANCOME user, don't miss out the chance to makeover your sexy eyes.

What's in right now at LANCOME counter?

Source: LANCOME Facebook

 Actually ade lagi product terkini tapi more to skin products..so, don't forget to grab one of them or all.



  1. Mane ade membazir en. JohnZan..mesti la kena cantik..nanti nmpak cam mak cik2..x gitu.